Our History of Christmas

Each year we celebrate Christmas by decorating our tree. I would say our tree is part of the family.  We met for the first time in Dubai more than twenty years ago in  probably one of the first shoping malls in the city.

Our tree was on sale, there was not much demand for Christmas trees at  that time in the Middle East.
The tree has been with our family every Christmas since that evening.
Every year we  put more and more ornamernts that we got from family or friends.

Here is my story before Christmas told through photographs of ornaments hang on the tree.

Windurfing Santa. 

This was the first decoration that we got. We used to be memebers of Jabel Ali Sailing Club in Dubai , with many of the members windusrfing. I was one of them and here is the Windsurfing Santa bombka ( Bombka is Polish for glass Christmas ornament).

Ice skating 

Ice skating was a big part of our life in Sharjah. We have skating ornaments on our tree to remember. 

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